ZOMG Justin Timberlake Rocks Irving Plaza

If you live in the Union Square area you probably heard squealing from the direction of Irving Plaza last night when Justin Timberlake joined FreeSol on stage to promote his new gift to the world, 901 Tequila. The show was slated to start at 9:01 but lines were still around the corner by the time we arrived at about 9:45. (We almost didn’t go from fear of missing JT but thanks to Southern Hospitality’s Twitter feed, we decided it was worth the risk.) I was in the smaller percentile of people who had never seen JT live and had to squeeze in between towering models and sweaty fangirls to catch a glimpse when he walked up to the keyboard during FreeSol’s performance. My ears are still ringing from the shrieks.

After I finished about 2 fruity 901 drinks (most reliable measure of time) Justin took center stage to lead an acoustic singalong of Cry Me a River. He went on to play “Like I Love You,” “Dead & Gone,” “What Goes Around” and a Rolling Stones cover, “Miss You.” Sadly what started as Dick-in-a-Box was only a tease. I was hoping to see some more dancing but the intimate performance was a great way to experience Justin Timberlake live for the first time. He even shared his vision by clarifying his goals for the future. “For the record, I’m not trying to become a serious actor you fuckers!” Aww JT!!!

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