We Made It! My First Impressions of San Francisco

It’s a small miracle Al and I made our 10am flight to San Francisco Saturday after an open bar Bayside Tigers boat cruise that started at midnight getting us home a little after 4. I am physically unable to pack for a flight ahead of time. My rushed, drunken packing meant a bag full of a 3-week supply of underwear, a bath robe, a bathing suit, a dramatic floppy hat and barely enough clothes. Not bad except that I forgot all chargers, shower supplies and my obligatory travel notebook. Procrastination → Improvisation. Love it!

Initial observations:

Virgin America is extremely comfortable and purple and has free games I would have tested if I wasn’t sleeping. Can you HAVE this on a plane?


San Fran is HILLY. Still feeling the burn.



You can find out how to get pot delivered to your hotel AND get a discount in the local paper.



First time in California. Time for adventures.





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