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Picnic at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Boxed wine afternoon.

Boston Getaway: Brunch in Davis Square

I found myself in Boston recently where my friend, who lives in Davis Square, brought me to her favorite local brunch place, Ball Square Cafe. Patrons lined up down the block taking turns visiting the refrigerator inside for a drink while they waited. The line went pretty quickly and was definitely worth it. Bacon, egg […]

Too much candy? Put it on a brownie!

We always have a ton of candy at home. We’re facing an emergency pile-up of Snickers bars on our candy shelf. What should we do? Put it on a brownie! This recipe is super easy and fun with friends. Ingredients Brownie mix Snickers (or other extra candy) Bag of caramels What to do 1. Assemble […]

Easy snack: Crispy Curry Chickpeas

Garbanzo beans. Chickpeas. Whatever you call them, I never particularly liked them until, of course, I found a recipe that involved my beloved deep fryer. Check out this super easy and unexpectedly delicious snack. Crispy fried curry chickpeas (Adapted from here) Ingredients 2 15-oz cans garbanzo beans/chickpeas ΒΌ cup cornstarch 3 tablespoons curry powder 2 […]


2012 is going to ROCK.  

Cooking with hammers: Layered peppermint bark

Need a last minute Christmas gift? Tons of extra candy canes from the CVS Christmas sale? Fear not! This easy yet impressive recipe is just what you need.   Ingredients 16 ounces good-quality white chocolate (like Ghiardelli) 24 coarsely crushed candy canes 7 ounces bittersweet or semisweet chocolate 6 tablespoons heavy whipping cream 3/4 teaspoon […]

New Neighborhood: Coyi Cafe

Coyi Cafe is another great spot on our new block. My first Vietnamese sandwich! I can’t stand cilantro, so I was skeptical but found, after my first bite, that the cilantro in this sandwich is not overbearing. I still picked some of it out. I enjoyed my pork Bahn Mi. Al got the special, which […]

New Neighborhood: Cafe Rakka

We finally moved in! On Friday, we were informed that we could move into the apartment we were supposed to move into June 1 on Monday. We spent the weekend packing, scheduling movers and changing over our utilities. The actual move was pretty seamless. While the movers trucked our apartment from 1st Ave to Avenue […]

A Bite at Teany

Heads up – Teany is a (/Moby‘s) vegetarian restaurant. Did NOT know that when Tara and I sat down for our date. For dinner, I chose the mac and cheese. Wasn’t a fan. You could tell the bowl had just been microwaved. The noodles were dry and the cheese was a little hard. We shared […]

Sanity Saver: Pent Up At Native Bean

What would you do if you didn’t have a wireless connection (either your own or borrowable) in your apartment? For 4 months? Al and I have tried to get creative as we suffer through a forced temporary living nightmare meaning no TV, no internet, a broken Wii and a broken freezer (unrelated but still painful). […]