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Christmas in Kentucky

Everyone once in a while, a quick escape from the city is welcome. The suburbs are eerily quiet. My parents live across from a park. With grass! And a playground! And ducks! Weird.  

Little Nibble: Bourdain in the Hood

“You know what’s great about New York? The threshold for citizenship as a New Yorker is actually pretty short. Like, if you come to New York and you still like it two years after you arrive here, and you still think it’s great and you’re having a good time, and you haven’t totally been ground […]

NYCWFF: Meatball Madness

I was lucky enough to be invited to Meatball Madness at 82 Mercer for the New York Wine and Food Festival Thursday and was honestly overwhelmed. Between the celeb sightings (Giada de Laurentiis, Guy Fieri, Alex Guarnaschelli), photo opps (Bing, Buitoni) and gigantic wine bottles (see below) I didn’t even manage 10 meatballs. What a […]

Foster the People at Terminal 5

Terminal 5 was packed for Foster the People last night. As the band mentioned, they have come a long way from their first New York show at Mercury Lounge. When I saw them in June at Music Hall of Williamsburg I still had enough room to dance and sway. Last night, I was smoshed between […]

Leftovers: California Trip Rocked

Best Brunch: Brenda’s French Soul Food, San Francisco Cornmeal-Fried Shrimp Po Boy with chipotle rémoulade Beignet Flight (plain, chocolate, Granny Smith apple, crawfish) Best Lived-Up-To-Hype Experience: In-N-Out Yea animal style! I’ve come to realize I prefer a double-double animal style plus extra sauce with plain fries. Because you cared. Hugest Proportions Known To Man: Hash House […]

A Perfect Day in San Francisco

Spoiler Alert: San Francisco was my favorite city. I loved its walk-ability, amazing restaurants and diverse offerings. Sunday was jam packed full of adventures. We headed to brunch stopping at the Great American Music Hall to check out the schedule. With amazing luck, the manager walked up and offered to give us a tour. The […]

We Made It! My First Impressions of San Francisco

It’s a small miracle Al and I made our 10am flight to San Francisco Saturday after an open bar Bayside Tigers boat cruise that started at midnight getting us home a little after 4. I am physically unable to pack for a flight ahead of time. My rushed, drunken packing meant a bag full of […]