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Little Nibble: Bomb Lobster Roll

I couldn’t pass up the lobster roll while being treated to lunch at Epicerie Boulud on Broadway and 64th. Check this baby out! Creamy, yet light on a toasted bun. I’m still drooling.

Little Nibble: Last meal of 2011

Going out with a band! Our last meal of 2011 (unless you count whiskey or champagne) was this delicious steak grilled in a cast iron skillet from Santa Al’s Mom. Omnomnom. 2011 was a great year for eating! On to the next.     What was your last meal of 2011?

Little Nibble: Candy/booze shelf

Check it. Candy and liquor go onto the window ledge. BOOM. Instant bar.     Where do you keep your stash?

Little Nibble: Bourdain in the Hood

“You know what’s great about New York? The threshold for citizenship as a New Yorker is actually pretty short. Like, if you come to New York and you still like it two years after you arrive here, and you still think it’s great and you’re having a good time, and you haven’t totally been ground […]

Little Nibble: Free Wendy’s Shirt!

Thanks to one of my favorite deal sites, Hey! It’s Free!, I made it to the Wendy’s Facebook page in time to play a couple games for a free Where’s The Beef shirt. Since I’m still in a temporary apartment, I had this sucker sent to work and it finally arrived today!! CHA-CHIIIING. Sexy.  

Little Nibble: Smorgasburg

Found this gem on an end-of-the-day sweep of Smorgasburg.   (Pulled pork papusa with jalapeño and plantains)

Little Nibble: STAT

There are about 2,400 restaurants in NYC.*   If you ate one meal in a restaurant every day, it would take about 66 years to visit each restaurant.** This doesn’t take into account restaurant turnover. Whoa *NYC DOHMM **My brain