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New Neighborhood: Coyi Cafe

Coyi Cafe is another great spot on our new block. My first Vietnamese sandwich! I can’t stand cilantro, so I was skeptical but found, after my first bite, that the cilantro in this sandwich is not overbearing. I still picked some of it out. I enjoyed my pork Bahn Mi. Al got the special, which […]

Little Nibble: Free Wendy’s Shirt!

Thanks to one of my favorite deal sites, Hey! It’s Free!, I made it to the Wendy’s Facebook page in time to play a couple games for a free Where’s The Beef shirt. Since I’m still in a temporary apartment, I had this sucker sent to work and it finally arrived today!! CHA-CHIIIING. Sexy.  

Sanity Saver: Pent Up At Native Bean

What would you do if you didn’t have a wireless connection (either your own or borrowable) in your apartment? For 4 months? Al and I have tried to get creative as we suffer through a forced temporary living nightmare meaning no TV, no internet, a broken Wii and a broken freezer (unrelated but still painful). […]