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Picnic at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Boxed wine afternoon.

Summer Getaway: Southampton Wineries

Over my 2+ years living in New York, I had never considered vacationing to the Hamptons. My friends and I recently decided to make the trip and it couldn’t have been a more relaxing getaway. We rented a car early Wednesday morning in an attempt to beat the traffic. The drive was smooth. We were […]

Midtown Midweek: Rosa Mexicano

Feast your eyes on Rosa Mexicano’s Budin de Pollo, a chicken tortilla pie made of baked soft corn tortillas filled with pulled chicken, chihuahua cheese, corn and roasted mexican peppers, served with a poblano pepper cream sauce.     Not pictured: Rosa’s killer pomegranate margs. Perfect Summer Friday lunch spot.

Wine Week at Quality Meats

My first Wine Week experience was gluttonous at Quality Meats.   Wine tasting:   Seafood Tower:   MEAT:   Commence food coma.

Neighborhood Eats: Mono + Mono

We finally made it to Mono + Mono and became immediately jealous of the party sitting around the grand piano.   Infused Soju Sampler:   Crispy pork buns:   I don’t have a picture of the fried chicken because we made the fatal mistake of ordering Bon Chon at which point our waitress flipped the […]


2012 is going to ROCK.  

Glitter Kitties: A moment of genius

A new delicious drink dreamed up on my first bachelorette party and my first time in Atlantic City. Ingredients: A bunch of vodka Some Sprite Zero Splash of cranberry juice Glitter Kitties 1. Mix 2. Drink  

Deal Find: Matilda in Alphabet City

Sifting through the crazy amount of deal sites available can be overwhelming. I snagged a Blackboard Eats deal for Matilda in Alphabet City, drawn by the offer of a free guac and bottle of wine with dinner. Tucked away on 11th street between Avenue B and C, the menu blends Mexican and Tuscan within each dish. Erin […]

Badass Brunch: Lina Frey

Ahh. A quiet Sunday to myself. I was looking for a delicious, comfortable brunch and found it in Lina Frey on Houston between Ludlow and Orchard. No line, brunch deal, open front. Perfect! I enjoyed a delicious meal while reading by the window. Lina Frey has a few options when it comes to brunch deals. […]

While in Los Angeles- Playa Riviera

Our first meal was at Playa Riviera in West Hollywood. Our friend, Karen, is an awesome mixologist and treated us to an evening of personalized delights. Go here. Tell Karen what you like and let her work her magic. Also, EAT THIS – Tortillas Florales: maize cakes with organic flower petals and Indian butter   […]