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Put some bacon on it!

Bacon wrapped hot dogs. That’s what I’m talking about. Cook the hot dogs in boiling water. Wrap with raw bacon. Place in a frying pan until bacon crisps to your liking. Enjoy.  

Little Nibble: (Don’t) Trust Seamless

A Seamless adventure.   I put my faith in Seamless and…   … I couldn’t eat it. Not for me. You fail, Seamless.

Neighborhood Eats: Mono + Mono

We finally made it to Mono + Mono and became immediately jealous of the party sitting around the grand piano.   Infused Soju Sampler:   Crispy pork buns:   I don’t have a picture of the fried chicken because we made the fatal mistake of ordering Bon Chon at which point our waitress flipped the […]

Hot Sauce Time

Stopped into Duke’s for some pre-Primus dinner. Definitely suggest checking it out for an easy dinner before a show at Gramercy Theater. Ass in the Tub, The Dick Burn, Ass in Space:   Primus:

Restaurant Week: Rayuela

Delicious dinner at Rayuela for Restaurant Week.            

Bangin Burger at DuMont

My first meal at DuMont was nothing short of magical. The patio was rustic and intimate with outdoor heating and soft lighting that made me forget I was sitting outside in the middle of winter. The DuMont Burger is perfection. I added thick cut bacon and white cheddar to my medium rare burger. I’m not […]

My First Cast Iron Skillet: Cheesy Bacon BBQ Chicken

Christmas toys! Yay! This Christmas I got 2 cast iron skillets, one large and circular and one square with grill indents. I also got a book called I Love Bacon. I decided to combine these 2 amazing gifts to make Cheesy Bacon BBQ Chicken.   Cheesy Bacon BBQ Chicken (Adapted from here) Ingredients Chicken Breast BBQ […]

Little Nibble: Last meal of 2011

Going out with a band! Our last meal of 2011 (unless you count whiskey or champagne) was this delicious steak grilled in a cast iron skillet from Santa Al’s Mom. Omnomnom. 2011 was a great year for eating! On to the next.     What was your last meal of 2011?

Christmas Eve Dinner

You have no idea how far our family is willing to go to keep tradition. This year, Steve smuggled a spiral ham in his suitcase from Maine. Every Christmas, we feast on a Carando spiral ham. Luckily Stever kept his cool when airport security pulled him aside for a cavity search due to the unidentified […]

Deal Find: Matilda in Alphabet City

Sifting through the crazy amount of deal sites available can be overwhelming. I snagged a Blackboard Eats deal for Matilda in Alphabet City, drawn by the offer of a free guac and bottle of wine with dinner. Tucked away on 11th street between Avenue B and C, the menu blends Mexican and Tuscan within each dish. Erin […]