Recap: San Diego Zoo

A trip to the San Diego Zoo was the perfect way to break up our chunk of time in LA. We spent 4 magical hours navigating the Panda Canyon, Polar Rim, Lost Forest and so much more. Did you know you can buy beer and margaritas at the zoo?! Amazing.

The koalas were so sleepy. I really don’t get how they don’t fall off the trees given their default sleep position involves staying wrapped around trees.

Meerkats look like 3 headed animals.

Watch out for lion poop. Apparently it’s projectile? (C’mon guys. It’s funny.)

The polar bears were one of my favorite. We eagerly watched them while clutching our beers and hoping to see one jump into the water. The Papa Bear started moving toward the edge of the land. He backed up with his butt facing his audience of about 15. Everyone was excited by the prospect of seeing a polar bear back dive into the water in front of us. We watched as he scooted his toes to the very edge. We watched as he took the biggest dump of any animal in the zoo, right into the water. He walked back to his cave satisfied as the crowd squirmed.

I want to be a panda. All they do is sit around all day noshing on their bamboo.

I’m still convinced the woman telling us personal stories about each orangutan as she played with them through the glass does not, in fact, work at the zoo as she claims.

The last sighting before leaving the zoo. AWESOME day.

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