Midtown Midweek: Rosa Mexicano

Feast your eyes on Rosa Mexicano’s Budin de Pollo, a chicken tortilla pie made of baked soft corn tortillas filled with pulled chicken, chihuahua cheese, corn and roasted mexican peppers, served with a poblano pepper cream sauce.



Not pictured: Rosa’s killer pomegranate margs. Perfect Summer Friday lunch spot.

Alabama Shakes at the Studio at Webster Hall

Alabama Shakes perform for MTV Hive. Watch it here.


Banquets / I am the Avalanche at Santos Party House



I am the Avalance:

Andrew W.K. at Webster Hall







First Aid Kit at Webster Hall

Gotye at Webster Hall

Wine Week at Quality Meats

My first Wine Week experience was gluttonous at Quality Meats.


Wine tasting:


Seafood Tower:




Commence food coma.

Midtown Midweek: Estiatorio Milos

Check out my amazing lobster pasta lunch from Estiatorio Milos.

Neighborhood Eats: Mono + Mono

We finally made it to Mono + Mono and became immediately jealous of the party sitting around the grand piano.


Infused Soju Sampler:


Crispy pork buns:


I don’t have a picture of the fried chicken because we made the fatal mistake of ordering Bon Chon at which point our waitress flipped the table causing my phone to shatter into a million tiny shards. DO NOT call this Bon Chon.

So that happened

Guns N Roses at Webster Hall.


Aside from Paradise City, the most memorable part was almost getting into a fist fight with a middle aged man who was upset that I walked between his group of friends. “Why don’t you go home and watch Glee” was an AWESOME diss. Use it.