Midtown Midweek: Octoberfist Sandwich

Lunch in Midtown can be depressing and challenging especially when you’re coming from lunch in Soho wahhhh which is why blogs like Midtown Lunch make me so happy. Inspired by a tip, I ventured to Cer Te to try their newly released Octoberfist Sandwich.

The Spot

Located on 55th between 5th and 6th, the store-front looks more like a tiny catering company than a lunch spot. Once inside, I was easily distracted by the delicious soups (I’ll go back to try the Asparagus Leek Soup) and desserts. We took advantage of the brownie samples while waiting for our food. WOW. Had to go back for seconds of the fudgy goodness.

The Basics

The Octoberfist Sandwich is a crispy bratwurst on a pretzel roll with spicy pork knuckle cabbage and mustard seed bechamel. This sandwich cost $9.74 altoghether. It came with a pickle and cole slaw.

The Experience

The delicious smell made coworkers jealous. The first bite was crisp and delicious. Pretzel bread is a rare find. A hint of sweetness balanced the mustard seed which, when paired with the cabbage, was a perfect topping. The challenges started after taking the first bite. There is way too much bread for way too small a brat.

I like even proportions especially when eating sandwiches so I ended up ripping off pieces of bread and either eating them in between bites of brat or leaving them in the box. By the end of the meal I had a bunch of leftover bread that was too soggy to save for an afternoon snack.

In Conclusion

The Octoberfist Sandwich was delicious but not packing enough punch for the money. Cer Te should invest in bigger brats, trim excess bread to make the brat the main focus of the sandwich and add some kind of side. I will not get another Octoberfist Sandwich but will definitely try one of the other options at Cer Te.


What are you lunching on today?


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