Holiday Travel Blues 2011

A brief list of why my holiday travel sucked and a tip on how to curb your holiday blues:

1. 1 hour traffic jam during commute to JFK

2. Plane overbooked. No room for us because an old man secured the last 6 seats by cursing out the Delta attendant

3. No planes until the next day

4. Danielle H to the rescue! Found a flight at LGA that was delayed 3 hours. Put us in a car and gave us a flight voucher for the future. Cha chiiiing!

5. Made it to LGA with an hour to spare. PHEW.


How to brighten those holiday blues: Brooklyn Local 1


The final obstacle: Drunk bitch drama

While cooling down over a Brooklyn Local 1 in an airport pizza place, Al and I noticed a girl drinking alone at the bar. We feel your pain, girl. We noticed while boarding that she was on our flight. We took our seats, buckled up and started to taxi. The girl from the pizza place walked into the aisle while taxiing making it apparent she was wasted. The flight attendant brought her back to her seat and soon thereafter the pilot made an announcement that there was just “one more concern” they needed to address before taking off. He pulled the plane over and a shuttle bus pulled up next to us. 2 attendants boarded and escorted the girl off of the plane. Girl got kicked off the plane for getting drunk and puking on an old lady. Good luck explaining that to your family!


What kind of fun travel drama did YOU experience this holiday?

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