Deal Find: Matilda in Alphabet City

Sifting through the crazy amount of deal sites available can be overwhelming. I snagged a Blackboard Eats deal for Matilda in Alphabet City, drawn by the offer of a free guac and bottle of wine with dinner.

Tucked away on 11th street between Avenue B and C, the menu blends Mexican and Tuscan within each dish. Erin and I decided to check it out and weren’t really sure what to expect. Our table was squashed between the cash register and the bathroom, which wasn’t ideal BUT we were able to get a table right away at 8pm on a Saturday night, which was awesome. The waiter brought a bread basket, which stayed true to the blend with tortilla chips and roasted focaccia all to be dipped in the guac. I loved that the guac had a little kick to it.

While Erin and I debated over entree options, the waiter introduced the specials. “Let me know if you have any other questions! If you want to get drunk tonight, let me know that too.” Loved that waiter.

I settled on Spaghetti with prosciutto, calamari and pico de gallo in a creamy sauce and enjoyed every second of it. The pico de gallo wasn’t as overwhelming as I worried it might be.

Bottom line: Come here to share a bottle (or 3) of wine with your girlfriends. Call ahead and make sure you get a table by a window. Split a few different dishes to get a taste for this unique blend of Mexican and Tuscan.

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