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Summer Getaway: Southampton Wineries

Over my 2+ years living in New York, I had never considered vacationing to the Hamptons. My friends and I recently decided to make the trip and it couldn’t have been a more relaxing getaway. We rented a car early Wednesday morning in an attempt to beat the traffic. The drive was smooth. We were […]

Trip to Bamboozle

3rd year of Bamboozle did not disappoint! We stayed overnight, crashed a wedding after-party, ate funnel cake, drank all the Jameson and re-lived high school. Or at least I did. Thank you Boysetsfire. I’m reeeeadyyyyy   Day One. Sunset over Asbury Park   Foo Fighters killing it. Dave Grohl behind the drums was awesome.   […]

Boston Getaway: Brunch in Davis Square

I found myself in Boston recently where my friend, who lives in Davis Square, brought me to her favorite local brunch place, Ball Square Cafe. Patrons lined up down the block taking turns visiting the refrigerator inside for a drink while they waited. The line went pretty quickly and was definitely worth it. Bacon, egg […]

Christmas in Kentucky

Everyone once in a while, a quick escape from the city is welcome. The suburbs are eerily quiet. My parents live across from a park. With grass! And a playground! And ducks! Weird.  

Christmas Eve Dinner

You have no idea how far our family is willing to go to keep tradition. This year, Steve smuggled a spiral ham in his suitcase from Maine. Every Christmas, we feast on a Carando spiral ham. Luckily Stever kept his cool when airport security pulled him aside for a cavity search due to the unidentified […]

Leftovers: California Trip Rocked

Best Brunch: Brenda’s French Soul Food, San Francisco Cornmeal-Fried Shrimp Po Boy with chipotle rémoulade Beignet Flight (plain, chocolate, Granny Smith apple, crawfish) Best Lived-Up-To-Hype Experience: In-N-Out Yea animal style! I’ve come to realize I prefer a double-double animal style plus extra sauce with plain fries. Because you cared. Hugest Proportions Known To Man: Hash House […]

While in Los Angeles- The Getty

Timing is everything. While at a bar in Los Angeles (The Woods – valet parking in a strip mall? I don’t get you, LA), I overheard a group of girls talking about a Surfer Blood show they were going to see at the Getty. Come to find out, the museum hosts Saturdays off the 405, […]

Recap: San Diego Zoo

A trip to the San Diego Zoo was the perfect way to break up our chunk of time in LA. We spent 4 magical hours navigating the Panda Canyon, Polar Rim, Lost Forest and so much more. Did you know you can buy beer and margaritas at the zoo?! Amazing. The koalas were so sleepy. […]

While in Los Angeles- Playa Riviera

Our first meal was at Playa Riviera in West Hollywood. Our friend, Karen, is an awesome mixologist and treated us to an evening of personalized delights. Go here. Tell Karen what you like and let her work her magic. Also, EAT THIS – Tortillas Florales: maize cakes with organic flower petals and Indian butter   […]

Driving the PCH: A summer-come-fall horror adventure

Our road trip from San Francisco to LA started with an accidental drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. (I can’t drive and my navigation skills were a little rusty.) We crossed the bridge twice and drove through SF toward the Pacific Coast Highway. Since we had 8 days in California, we decided to take the […]