Cake at Irving Plaza: I need a Vibraslap!

Last night Sheepdogs and Cake played a Rolling Stone event at Irving Plaza. I raced to the venue after a late night at work to catch all but the first Cake song and sip on some complimentary fruity drinks. Thanks Rolling Stone!

So I have this crazy dream that some day I will have various drums/gongs/percussive instruments scattered throughout my apartment. Every time I see or hear Cake I’m reminded of how badly I want a vibraslap to be a part of my fun-sound-collection. That way, the next time I see Cake and they don’t play The Distance or Sheep Go To Heaven I can make the fun sound while singing along from my bed.

Christmas is coming!

Can’t forget the obligatory slice of post-Irving-Plaza Artichoke pizza! OMNOMNOM.

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