Adweek Recap: EA Games and TVOTR

I barely dipped my toe into the Advertising Week 8 festivities but I managed to sit in on an EA Games Conference and attend the TV on the Radio show hosted by Microsoft at Terminal 5.


Notes from the EA Games Conference

  • It is necessary to change the way games are made and played
  • On the rise: cross-platform gaming and gaming via the cloud
  • The move away from console based games will break cost, reward and demo barriers
  • A successful gaming experience means providing¬†the consumer with 365 days of gaming instead of, for example, a sports game that is only relevant during one sporting season
  • We will start to see more gamification of content

TV on the Radio at Terminal 5

The Microsoft photo booth was fun but self-operated meaning drunk advertising employees could take as many pictures of themselves as they wanted. Which would be fine except that there was no organization to the photos once online. Luckily Al and I snapped some shots while walking out so they were toward the end of the photo dump.
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