A Perfect Day in San Francisco

Spoiler Alert: San Francisco was my favorite city. I loved its walk-ability, amazing restaurants and diverse offerings. Sunday was jam packed full of adventures.

We headed to brunch stopping at the Great American Music Hall to check out the schedule. With amazing luck, the manager walked up and offered to give us a tour. The venue is beautiful and ornate and we were lucky enough to hear about the history of the venue and see pictures of the progression of acts from flappers parading around with huge feathers to a room packed full of grungy kids thrashing to metal.

Brenda’s French Soul Food was our next stop. BEWARE. The lines here can get pretty brutal. We put our name on the chalk board and were told it would be about an hour wait. We passed the time by stopping at a few local places including Peetz Coffee which has awesome built in heat protectors and super friendly baristas. We eventually got skipped in line, which was extremely frustrating so let’s pretend it never happened watch out for that if you decide to take a walk while waiting.

We decided to table Brenda’s for the day and headed to Moulin Rouge Restaurant for breakfast. I enjoyed cream cheese filled French toast in this cozy little spot, which closes at 2. When we went to pay, the cute little Asian granny/chef reprimanded Alex for not buying this “cute, New York girl” her breakfast! BAH! Very comfortable breakfast here.

After breakfast we started a much needed hike through Japantown. Very suburban but great to see the views. We walked to the Fillmore to check out the schedule then walked through Sunday Streets stopping for some live music on our walk. I LOVE how San Fran has porta-potties throughout the city. They’re much cleaner than one would anticipate. Walking on.

It’s a toss-up between the Haight and Mission when it comes to favorite areas of SF. We spent the afternoon on Haight and picked through old records at Amoeba and MAN Tom Jones used to be the man.

Milk had an enjoyable cover band and San Francisco Absolut which we never had a chance to try. Alembic made a great Old Fashioned, which we enjoyed while people watching from the open bar front.

I realized how thankful I was that we decided not to rent bikes while climbing some crazy hills on the way to and through the Castro.

We stopped at Bi-rite Creamery. While we wanted to sample all their different flavors, the line was too long and we were just looking for a quick appetizer before a much needed dinner. We opted for the shorter line to the Bi-Rite Creamery Soft Serve and enjoyed their famous Salted Caramel. WOW. Go get this.

We didn’t have a plan for dinner so we relied on Foursquare to find something close by and settle on the Monk’s Kettle. PEOPLE. This was my favorite meal. We enjoyed some delicious local beers (if you like beer, this place buys special bottles and stores them for patrons interested in spending upwards of $20 for special brews). For appetizers we got pretzels with cheddar fondue and house mustard sauces and cornmeal fried oysters.

Al got a bacon cheeseburger for dinner. It was the tenderest, most succulent and tasty thing to ever melt into my mouth.

I opted for the house roast with potatoes which was equally perfect.

Delirious from the amazing food, we wandered back to the Mission in an attempt to hunt down the infamous margaritas at the Latin American Club. Suffice it to say we told the bartender that no one would ever believe us if we tried to demonstrate the ratio of tequila to mix in her pours. Before leaving, Al asked her if a decorative door on the wall was the door to Narnia. She said yes.

A small glitch in our plan meant we wouldn’t see the inside of Kozy Kar, fabled to be plastered in old 80’s porn and kitschy decorations. Not ready to call it in a night, we got in a cab that was playing karaoke-style Bob Marley tunes and headed to Fly, the bar next to our hotel. I was thrilled to hear an Operation Ivy song the second we walked in. The bartender gave us free shots for recognizing the music and for entertaining her at the end of her Sunday shift. Oops! What started with Al wondering if we should get a back-up 6-pack in case nothing was going on ended with us wrestling in our hotel room after shooting THIS

San Francisco. You shocked and pleased me.

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