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Little Nibble: Last meal of 2011

Going out with a band! Our last meal of 2011 (unless you count whiskey or champagne) was this delicious steak grilled in a cast iron skillet from Santa Al’s Mom. Omnomnom. 2011 was a great year for eating! On to the next.     What was your last meal of 2011?

Little Nibble: Candy/booze shelf

Check it. Candy and liquor go onto the window ledge. BOOM. Instant bar.     Where do you keep your stash?

Christmas in Kentucky

Everyone once in a while, a quick escape from the city is welcome. The suburbs are eerily quiet. My parents live across from a park. With grass! And a playground! And ducks! Weird.  

Christmas Eve Dinner

You have no idea how far our family is willing to go to keep tradition. This year, Steve smuggled a spiral ham in his suitcase from Maine. Every Christmas, we feast on a Carando spiral ham. Luckily Stever kept his cool when airport security pulled him aside for a cavity search due to the unidentified […]

Little Nibble: Jim Beam Distillery

My parents live on the bourbon trail in Lexington, Kentucky. Each visit home we check out a new distillery. Here are a few snaps from our Jim Beam tour. Unfortunately, unlike many of the distilleries they were not giving tours of the actual process so we only saw the barrels and grounds. Still good times! […]

Holiday Travel Blues 2011

A brief list of why my holiday travel sucked and a tip on how to curb your holiday blues: 1. 1 hour traffic jam during commute to JFK 2. Plane overbooked. No room for us because an old man secured the last 6 seats by cursing out the Delta attendant 3. No planes until the […]

Little Nibble: Lady Gaga Workshop

The art and displays at the Lady Gaga workshop at Barneys were way more interesting than most of the items for sale. Glad I stopped by though!  

Glitter Kitties: A moment of genius

A new delicious drink dreamed up on my first bachelorette party and my first time in Atlantic City. Ingredients: A bunch of vodka Some Sprite Zero Splash of cranberry juice Glitter Kitties 1. Mix 2. Drink  

My Morning Jacket at MSG


Cooking with hammers: Layered peppermint bark

Need a last minute Christmas gift? Tons of extra candy canes from the CVS Christmas sale? Fear not! This easy yet impressive recipe is just what you need.   Ingredients 16 ounces good-quality white chocolate (like Ghiardelli) 24 coarsely crushed candy canes 7 ounces bittersweet or semisweet chocolate 6 tablespoons heavy whipping cream 3/4 teaspoon […]