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Braised Pork Belly Tacos for the Ill-Prepared Chef

Hurricane Irene. You were such a tease. Not that anyone hoped for a catastrophe, but when people spend their Saturday morning stocking up on Smartfood popcorn and every last Jesus candle in the local bodega, I expect at the very least a brief power outage during my scary movie marathon made possible by my panic […]

Tuesday Plans: Dinner and drinks at Epstein’s Bar

Epstein’s Bar is quickly becoming my Tuesday night go-to. Located on the corner of Stanton and Allen, I was first drawn to this bar by it’s outdoor seating, blaring 90s alternative and amazing weekly deals. Every Tuesday, you can feed 2 people a meal + 1 beer or mixed well drink each for under $20 […]

Little Nibble: STAT

There are about 2,400 restaurants in NYC.*   If you ate one meal in a restaurant every day, it would take about 66 years to visit each restaurant.** This doesn’t take into account restaurant turnover. Whoa *NYC DOHMM **My brain